Luxury living has hit new heights with branded residences, a concept that caters to buyers who are seeking an exquisite lifestyle experience and a high return on investment.

Sierra Blanca Estates are Spain’s leading developers of branded residences. Their projects combine the DNA of world-renowned fashion brands with the talent and experience of a property company that has set a new benchmark for luxury residential development. These ground-breaking partnerships have resulted in several unique projects globally which benefit from world class amenities and offer an unparalleled lifestyle experience.


From the architectural design to curating the premium services on offer to residents and choosing the finest materials to finish the apartments, this isn’t just about having a high-quality home – it’s about enjoying the whole, authentic branded experience that surrounds it.

With branded residences, prestigious world-famous brands lend their creative talent to the design of the properties, ensuring that every detail is an aesthetic expression of their company’s identity, values and reputation. Sierra Blanca Estates bring expertise in translating the essence of a brand into a luxury development, guaranteeing authenticity and the highest level of luxury living.


Nestled on a picturesque hill, rising approximately 600 metres above sea level, Dolce&Gabbana Marbella Design Hills commands an extraordinary location just behind Puente Romano, the renowned hub for social and cultural activities along the prestigious Golden Mile. This vantage point offers a slight elevation compared to the surrounding area, providing a spectacular view of the landscape.

Dolce&Gabbana Marbella Design Hills is not merely an extraordinary feat of architecture but also a wondrous natural setting, designed to fully embrace the splendour of Andalusia’s sunsets. A long natural walkway, seemingly suspended in the tranquillity of the blue Mediterranean Sea.


A unique opportunity to explore and experience the soul of the creative genius and fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld through a pioneering luxury development that provides a reflection of his talent and world-famous brand.

Five villas, an expression of the artist whose design and concept inspired them. Five jewels, unlike anywhere else in the world. Five works of art.

Innovative and sustainable, these are the first branded residences by KARL LAGERFELD – a seal of approval that spells trust and quality. An invitation to be part of the exclusive world of KARL LAGERFELD as an owner of one of these landmark branded villas.


El primer proyecto residencial en branded residences de la costa mediterránea europea. Una nueva expresión del lujo de la mano de una de las marcas internacionales de moda más reconocidas.

La maison romana Fendi Casa traslada su exclusiva herencia creativa y su refinado universo de marca a cada uno de los espacios que componen las 56 residencias distribuidas en el corazón de la Milla de Oro de Marbella. Un proyecto residencial dotado de los mejores world class amemities, propios de los mejores hoteles 5*GL del mundo para conformar una branded experience creada para emocionar.


Sierra Blanca Estates have left their calling card in Malaga in the form of Sierra Blanca Tower, a development that adds a new landmark to the city’s skyline and brings a level and style of luxury living that hasn’t been before in Malaga’s prime property market. Sierra Blanca Tower is, quite simply, an extraordinary building in an outstanding location.

The building is designed to draw in wide sea views into its luxuriously large and light-filled properties that are decorated with the finest finishes and materials. Adding to the experience of living here are the superlative services for residents.

These branded residences are endorsed by Malaga’s favourite son, Antonio Banderas, the world-famous actor who embodies the charm and character of his hometown. Now Malaga has a residential project for the first time of a calibre that it deserves.


A cut above

How the partnership between Dolce&Gabbana and Sierra Blanca Estates embodies the attraction and exclusivity of a new milestone in the branded residential universe.


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