Karl Lagerfeld Villas

Five exclusive homes, perfectly integrated into the lush nature of Marbella’s Golden Mile.

KARL LAGERFELD VILLAS stems from Karl’s passion for architecture, interior design and constantly pushing the envelope of innovation. The lifestyle-oriented environment harmoniously incorporates the local landscape through elevated architecture and a focus on sustainability.

Natural construction materials allow the spaces to merge seamlessly with their surroundings, blurring the artistic boundaries of the homes’ interior and exterior design. The majestic plot of land is strategically located between the Penibaetic mountains and the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, offering its residents an oasis of tranquility.


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    Luxury Residences in Marbella

    In 2022, Marbella was recognised as the Most Exclusive European Destination. With its culture, gastronomy, Mediterranean climate, and outdoor lifestyle, the Andalusian city has become the preferred destination for HNWIs.

    Marbella is not only the perfect place to relax but also an ideal location to work. With international connections, it’s increasingly the choice of entrepreneurs and executives from global companies around the world. Here they can manage their teams and businesses while enjoying a wide range of opportunities and an outstanding quality of life. Marbella is not only a place; it’s a destination.


    Bringing branded residences to Marbella

    The collaboration between Sierra Blanca Estates and Fendi Casa marks a new milestone in Marbella’s luxury property market. Zoe Dare Hall speaks to their matchmaker’s Marketing Director, Anna Masello.

    The Kaiser invades Malaga

    The iconic fashion firm Karl Lagerfeld is landing on the Marbella Golden Mile to launch a super-exclusive and, best of all, hyper-sustainable architectural project: Karl Lagerfeld Villas Marbella.


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